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Get Well

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  • An Apple A Day Gift Basket
    $40.00 Choose Options An Apple A Day Gift Basket
    "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"! Brighten someone's day with this daily serving of nutritious and delicious treats, with an extra dash of sweetness.This gift basket includes: Fruit Drink, Snack Mix, Puzzle...

  • Bear in the Morning
    $35.00 $24.50 Choose Options Bear in the Morning **On Sale 30% Off"
    If you have grumpy morning bear in your life, we have the perfect gift. We have filled this  "Bear in the Morning" with some essentials. Coffee Cookies Mug Slippers 30% Off Sale   While Supplies...

  • Chocolate Lovers
    $52.50 $42.50 Choose Options Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket
    The title says it all "Chocolate Lovers". Who would not love to get this gift full of chocolate? Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Cashew Roca Chocolate Cremes Chocolate Pretzels Fudge Cup Chocolate Covered...

  • Chocolate Moose
    $35.00 $24.50 Choose Options Chocolate Moose **On Sale 30% Off**
    Chocolate Lover??? We have filled this Chocolate Moose Mug with goodies for relaxing. Hot Cocoa Slippers Chocolates Mug 30% Off Sale While Supplies...

  • Coffee Lovers
    $35.00 Choose Options Coffee Lovers Gift Basket
    Coffee Lovers will rejoice when they get this great gift. Cookies Trail Mix Coffee Coffee Themed Up Coffee Magnet Coffee Cup Sleeve

  • Diabetic Get Well Gift Basket
    $50.00 Choose Options Diabetic Get Well Gift Basket
    Send your best wishes for a swift recovery with this sugar free gift! Puzzle Book Playing Cards Sugar Free Jelly Belly Snack Mix Sugar Free Candy Chicken Soup Tea Apple Chips  Hand Sanitizer Crackers Sugar...

  • Feel Better Fast Gift Basket
    $70.00 Choose Options Feel Better Fast Gift Basket
    A fabulous way to let someone know to "Feel Better Fast"! This basket is full of all kinds of goodies to make anyone feel better! Popcorn Popchips Fruit Drink Tea Decorated Cookie Jelly Belly Fruit Gems Snack...

  • Golf Mug Gift
    $22.00 Choose Options Golf Mug Gift
    Golfers always need a mug. We have filled this mug with some goodies.  *** Ceramic Mug Design will Vary *** Golf Cookie Golf Sticky Note...

  • Golfin Goodies Gift Basket
    $36.50 Choose Options Golfin Goodies Gift Basket
    We have taken this golf box and filled it with goodies to give you that break at the 9th hole. Popcorn Golf Money Clip Golf Journal Cajun Snack...

  • Gourmet Cookies Gift Box
    $35.00 Choose Options Gourmet Cookies Gift Box
    These delicious cookies are just like they were baked in grandma's kitchen. We have 4 varieties Chunky Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Macadamia Nut Triple Chocolate Each box comes with all 4 varieties. Choose from 18,...

  • Heart Healthy Gift Basket
    $45.00 Choose Options Heart Healthy Gift Basket
    The perfect basket for the health-nuts in your life! Filled with healthy items, these low-calorie, low-cholesterol selections are sure to surprise and delight! Ginger Thins Popchips Fruit & Nut Bar Soft...

  • Here's To Your Health Gift Basket
    $47.50 Choose Options Here's To Your Health Gift Basket
    Here's to your health! Taylor Made's basket of healthy and delicious snacks! Dark Chocolate Salsa Health Mix Tortilla Chips Fruit Almonds Tea Candy Fruit & Nut Bar Pretzels Dipping...

  • Junk Food Junkie Large Gift Basket
    $35.00 Choose Options Junk Food Junkie Large Gift Basket
    WOW! This box of treats will please kids of all ages - especially students studying for exams! Soda Jelly Belly Popcorn Peanuts Chips Chex Mix Cheez-its Sweet & Salty Mix Snickers Famous Amos Peanut...

  • Junk Food Junkie Small Gift Basket
    $20.00 Choose Options Junk Food Junkie Small Gift Basket
    WOW! This box of treats will please kids of all ages - especially students studying for exams!   Cheez-its Chex Mix Peanut M&Ms Sweet & Salty Mix Nabs Skittles Twizzlers Kit Kat Bar Popcorn Famous...

  • Ladies Choice Gift Basket
    $37.50 Choose Options Ladies Choice Gift Basket
    Everything a lady needs. This willow container is full of great gifts for her. Faux Daisy Potted Plant Diva Key Chain Notecards Candy Hand Lotion Chocolates Caramel Popcorn Dried Fruit...

  • Nuts for You Gift Basket
    $40.00 $28.00 Choose Options Nuts for You
    Can't forget that specail man on Valentine's Day. Show him you are "Nuts" for him Peanuts Smoked Almonds Dark Chocolate Almonds Hot Cajun Mix Cashews Dark Chocolate...

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Wellness is important and vital for all of us. Taylor Made For You has a splendid array of get well soon gifts to enrich the health of someone's life. Our Get Well Soon Baskets are the perfect choice to bring a smile to their face. With over eighteen get well soon gifts to choose from, Taylor Made For You is able to meet all of your get well soon gift needs.  We truly care and would love to be right there to help your loved one recover.  There is no better comfort to the heart like the comfort of a thoughtful, hand-crafted gift.  From gifts that promote a healthy diet, to the gift to simply get well, our assortment of beautiful get well soon baskets will provide them with premium treats they are free to enjoy. They will not have to be concerned with picking and choosing snacks within our delightful get well soon gift baskets. Your recipient is free to indulge in every gift content from Taylor Made For You.
We understand we all have special people in our lives with various health conditions.  We keep this in mind with every one of our Get Well Soon Gifts we lovingly design.  We even have diabetic gift baskets that contain solely, quality sugar free products that are absolutely amazing.  You can give a get well soon gift that you can share and enjoy together, while spending precious time encouraging the ones you love the most.  Whether for a friend or yourself, we have the get well soon gifts that are Taylor Made for you.
Our Heart Healthy Gift Basket is truly one of a kind.  This get well soon basket is bountiful with goodness for the heart.  It's also a perfect gift for the health-lovers in your life.  Every item is of low calorie and low cholesterol.  It contains over ten get well soon treats that will help them feel better and satisfy their taste buds, all at the same time.  This get well gift includes a fruit bar, popcorn, chips, almonds, cheese, dark chocolates, cookies, premium tea, dark chocolate almonds, and sensational popchips.  This get well soon gift basket is truly Taylor Made for the heart!
For the beloved child that is getting well, Taylor Made For You has Get Well Baskets For Kids.  Our Candy and Cookie Bouquet is just right for them. They have homemade, decorated sugar cookies that children will love to put in their tummies, such as football-shaped and baseball-shaped cookies.  They also are filled with the world's famous candies children delight in.  The bouquet includes chocolate chip cookies, decorated sugar cookies, Skittles, Twizzlers, and more!  All of their favorite treats are nicely wrapped within a children's pale bucket, which your child can play with after eating their delicious candies.  We also have diabetic baskets full of sugar free items for children as well.  The Candy and Cookie Bouquet is sure to please any child.  Your child will love their get well soon basket from Taylor Made For You!
For the survivor in your life, nothing provides upliftment, encouragement and hope like our original Taylor Made For You Survivor Gift Basket.  This is the perfect gift for your friend or loved one that is winning the fight against breast cancer.  You will bring strength and tears with this gift, which includes a breast cancer angel pin, breast cancer notebook, breast cancer sticky notes, breast cancer tissues, note cards, mints, chocolates, hand sanitizer, and a votive with candle.  We have these wonderful items nested within a lovely, insulated pink and white designer lunch bag.  Celebrate your survivor with this endearing Taylor Made gift!
Our get well soon gifts are among the best your recipient will ever receive.  Not finding what you are looking for?  Taylor Made For You can also custom-design a get well soon gift basket for you.  We can custom design a beautiful gift basket specific to the health condition and wellness of your recipient.  This Virginia gift shop has over 24 years of experience creating authentic custom designs for our customers.  We also have customer care gift consultants that are ready to answer your questions at anytime.  We will be more than happy to discuss any of your get well soon gift needs and create a basket that is Taylor Made For You!