Nuts For You is for that nut lover in your life, or to be funny and let them know they are "a nut" ;) 

This fun yet masculine willow bowl is jam packed full with all kinds of nuts that are sweet, salty & savory.

This basket includes:

  • Mascot gourmet pecan caramel clusters
  • Imperial Nut break time blend mix 
  • Nancy's Crunchy Munchie snack mix 
  • Old Bay Virginia Diner peanuts
  • Mr. Snacks nut mix 
  • Sahale assorted mixed nuts bag 
  • Nature Valley fruit & nut bar 
  • Nature Valley sweet & salty almond bar 
  • Marich sea salt cashews 
  • Nancy's gourmet praline pecans 
  • Almond California crunchies 
  • Nancy's gourmet fudge cup with nuts 
  • Kind Bar
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