Ready to stay in all night curled up on the couch? Whether for a date night or for those weekends where you are snowed in or just plain cold..... this basket has the perfect combo anyone would love.......


  • Feridies gourmet peanuts
  • Red Rocker peppermint bark
  • Lovely gourmet snickerdoodle caramels 
  • East Shore sugar and spice pretzels
  • Mascot pecan caramel clusters
  • White chocolate covered peanut butter snowflake candies 
  • Hammonds assorted marshmallows
  • Mr Snacks cranberry snack mix
  • Hot chocolate packet 
  • Gold box gourmet truffles
  • Walker shortbread fingers
  • Old fashioned gourmet candy mix 
  • White covered cranberries 
  • Hammons chocolate biscuit bar
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