A cute and fun twist of thoughtfulness.....


This includes:

A candle (to remind you to shine brightly)

Buffalo Bites (to light your fire when you feel burned out)

Pretzels (to remind you take things with a grain of salt)

A Blow-pop (to remind you that leaders lick obstacles)

Tissues (just in case you need a good cry)

Choco Mints (because you are worth a "mint" to your workplace)

A chocolate Aspirin (because laughter is the best medicine)

Peanuts (in case you feel like you are going nuts)

Chocolate caramel peanut cluster (to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew)

Fruit jellies (to remind you to stick with it)

Saunders chocolate bite, and

Ghirardelli square (for sweets) (to give you energy to get through each day)

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