This fun chocolate striped box has a little bit of everything to thank that special nurse or healthcare worker.  And no secret how we got the name "Candy Striper", the box itself speaks volumes but the gifts inside are fabulous as well!

Inside is the following:

  • Artesian Virginia bottled water
  • Plastic water bottle 
  • Lemonade-lime mix 
  • lemonade-peach mix 
  • Imperial assorted nut mix 
  • Cannoli assorted chips
  • Walker shortbread fingers
  • Nancy's gourmet chocolate Aspirin
  • Thank You Jelly Belly jelly bean bag
  • Fine Drop fruit bon bons 
  • Sconza assorted chocolate bag 
  • Cranberry pomegranate clusters
  • Primrose gourmet caramels 
  • Giant gourmet Cripsery
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