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Special Occasions

  • 18 Piece Brownie Heart Box
    $35.00 Choose Options 18 Piece Brownie Heart Box
    This is much better than getting a box of chocolates that will melt. This heart box is filled with 18 delicious brownie bites. Does not contain nuts.

  • 8 Piece Brownie Heart Box
    $17.50 Choose Options 8 Piece Brownie Heart Box
    This is much better than getting a box of chocolates that will melt. This heart box is filled with 8 delicious brownie bites. Does not contain nuts.

  • A Ladies Sweet Treats
    $45.00 Choose Options A Ladies Sweet Treats
    Spring is in the air and you can't help but notice all the pretty colors that come along with it.  This basket will brighten her day and bring a smile to her face, Hard Candies Hand Sanitizer Candle...

  • Amazing Brownie Tin
    $25.00 Choose Options Amazing Brownie Tin
    There is no need to panic over getting all of your baking done, when you can order these incredible chocolate brownie tins fromTaylor Made For You.  Baked here locally in Virginia, they are available in tins...

  • Blooming Cookies
    $15.00 Choose Options Blooming Cookies
    Flowers die but our Blooming Cookies don't they are edible and delicious. We only have 8 count left in stock.  Each assortment is packed in this beautiful flower box.   Cookie assortment will be...

  • Blooming Surprise
    $32.50 Choose Options Blooming Surprise
    Everything is blooming... and so is everything in our "Blooming Surprise" Flower Plate Knit Cup Sleeve Cookies Popcorn Notepad Hand Lotion Decorative Cookie Fruit Gems Flower...

  • Bon Appètit
    $50.00 Choose Options Bon Appètit
    With sparkling cider or wine, this classy tin container has multiple goodies and is a Taylor Made favorite! Dip Mix Pretzels Peanuts Chocolates Cheese Biscuits Almonds Harvest...

  • Breast Cancer Survivor
    $55.00 Choose Options Breast Cancer Survivor
    Show support for the "Survivor" in your life. This lunch bag is full of treats to help. Bear Car Magnet Insulated...

  • Bucket of Bubbly
    $35.00 Choose Options Bucket of Bubbly
    Our Bucket of Bubbly is perfect for any occasion. We have taken this decorative ice bucket and filled it with items to entice the palette Peanuts Chocolates Snack Mix Cheese Biscuits Godiva Biscuits Truffles Choose...

  • Celebrate The Holidays
    Celebrate The Holidays
    Wine, cookies, cheese, chocolate, OH MY! Filled with various edible indulgences and holiday ornaments, this basket is sure to put anyone in the festive spirit. Napkins Chocolate...

  • Chocolate Lovers
    $52.50 $45.00 Choose Options Chocolate Lovers
    The title says it all "Chocolate Lovers". Who would not love to get this gift full of chocolate? Dark Chocolate Cookies Ghirardelli Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar Godiva Chocolate Cashews Godiva Chocolate...

  • Desk Friend
    $22.50 Choose Options Desk Friend
    Need just a little something to say "Thank You" or want to brighten someone's day? This mini lined basket is the gift. Hand Lotion Post It Note...

  • Diabetic Ladies Choice
    $39.50 Choose Options Diabetic Ladies Choice
    We've created a basket filled with every lady's favorite things.  This one just happens to be specially designed for a diabetic lady.  She will love it! Loofah Sugar Free Pastilles Insulated...

  • Diabetic Manly Munchies
    $50.00 Choose Options Diabetic Manly Munchies
    What a great way to let the diabetic man in your life know that you care about him with this Manly Munchie treat! Sugar Free Chocolates Pretzels Crackers Sugar Free Jelly Belly Sugar Free Popcorn Cheese Beef...

  • Gluten Free Treats
    $32.50 Choose Options Gluten Free Treats
      Do you know of someone with Celiac Disease? Taylor Made has created this special gift just for them! All the goodies in this basket are Gluten Free. Cookies Jelly Belly Dried Apples Chips Caramel...

  • Gourmet Cookies
    $35.00 Choose Options Gourmet Cookies
    These delicious cookies are just like they were baked in grandma's kitchen. We have 4 varieties Chunky Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Macadamia Nut Triple Chocolate Each box comes with all 4 varieties. Choose from 18,...