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Men Gifts

  • Bear in the Morning
    $35.00 Choose Options Bear in the Morning
    If you have grumpy morning bear in your life, we have the perfect gift. We have filled this  "Bear in the Morning" with some essentials...

  • Chocolate Moose
    $35.00 Choose Options Chocolate Moose
    Chocolate Lover??? We have filled this Chocolate Moose Mug with goodies for relaxing. Hot Cocoa Slippers Chocolates Mug

  • Coffee Lovers
    $35.00 Choose Options Coffee Lovers
    Coffee Lovers will rejoice when they get this great gift. Cookies Trail Mix Coffee Coffee Themed Up Coffee Magnet Coffee Cup Sleeve

  • Diabetic Manly Munchies
    $52.50 Choose Options Diabetic Manly Munchies
    What a great way to let the diabetic man in your life know that you care about him with this Manly Munchie treat! Crackers Cheese Cajun Snack Mix Beef Sausage Peanuts Sugar Free Cookies Sugar Free Jelly...

  • Golf Mug
    $22.00 Choose Options Golf Mug
    Golfers always need a mug. We have filled this mug with some goodies.  *** Ceramic Mug Design will Vary *** Golf Cookie Golf Sticky Note...

  • Golfin Goodies
    $36.50 Choose Options Golfin Goodies
    We have taken this golf box and filled it with goodies to give you that break at the 9th hole. Popcorn Golf Money Clip Golf Journal Cajun Snack...

  • Heart Healthy
    $45.00 Choose Options Heart Healthy
    The perfect basket for the health-nuts in your life! Filled with healthy items, these low-calorie, low-cholesterol selections are sure to surprise and delight! Ginger Thins Popchips Fruit & Nut Bar Soft...

  • Junk Food Junkie Large
    $35.00 Choose Options Junk Food Junkie Large
    WOW! This box of treats will please kids of all ages - especially students studying for exams! Soda Jelly Belly Popcorn Peanuts Chips Chex Mix Cheez-its Sweet & Salty Mix Snickers Famous Amos Peanut...

  • Movie Time
    $27.50 Choose Options Movie Time
    The serious movie buff will have everything they need to enjoy a good movie and have enough to share. Students love these snacks! Soda Peanuts Jelly Belly Popcorn Blow Pops Cheez-its Chex Mix Famous Amos M&M...

  • Nuts for You
    $40.00 Choose Options Nuts for You
    Can't forget that specail man on Valentine's Day. Show him you are "Nuts" for him Peanuts Smoked Almonds Dark Chocolate Almonds Hot Cajun Mix Cashews Dark Chocolate...