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Congratulations Gifts

  • Bon Appètit
    $60.00 Choose Options Bon Appètit
    With sparkling cider or wine, this classy tin container has multiple goodies and is a Taylor Made favorite! Crackers Pretzels Cocktail Nuts Chocolates Cheese Jelly Carmel Corn Fudge...

  • Chocolate Lovers
    $52.50 $42.50 Choose Options Chocolate Lovers
    The title says it all "Chocolate Lovers". Who would not love to get this gift full of chocolate? Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Cashew Roca Chocolate Cremes Chocolate Pretzels Fudge Cup Chocolate Covered...

  • Chocolate Pizza
    $15.00 Choose Options Chocolate Pizza
    Yummy Yummy chocolate pizza. What a great gift that anoyone would love. Chocolate base with delicious popcorn on top. Choose between 10" or 6"

  • Commonwealth Collection
    $70.00 Choose Options Commonwealth Collection
    This Virginia shaped basket is a long-time favorite! With tasty treats, all made-in Virginia, it is a sure "hit" every time! Cheese Straws Popcorn Granola Peanuts Caramel Corn Fudge Cup Chocolate Pretzels Peanut...

  • Dinner in Basket
    $57.50 Choose Options Dinner in Basket
    Dinner in a Basket could be "dinner in a hurrry" for that friend who needs a special reminder that you care! Pasta Kit Dessert Kit Cheese Crackers Cheese Straws Chocolate Choose Wine or...

  • Gourmet Cookies
    $35.00 Choose Options Gourmet Cookies
    These delicious cookies are just like they were baked in grandma's kitchen. We have 4 varieties Chunky Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Macadamia Nut Triple Chocolate Each box comes with all 4 varieties. Choose from 18,...

  • Just Right Large
    $75.00 Choose Options Just Right Large
    A basket of ready-to-eat items will be "just right" for any occasion! Crackers Cheese Straws Peanuts Chocolates Cheese Cookies Pretzels Snack Mix Chocolate Dip Almonds Popcorn Chocolate Malt...

  • Just Right Medium
    $52.50 Choose Options Just Right Medium
    A basket of ready-to-eat items will be "just right" for any occasion! Crackers Cheese Biscuits Peanuts Chocolates Cheese Cookies Pretzels Snack Mix Mustard Almonds Chocolate Malt...

  • Just Right Small
    $37.50 Choose Options Just Right Small
    A basket of ready-to-eat items will be "just right" for any occasion! Crackers Cheddar Biscuits Peanuts Snack...

  • Mini Bon Appetit
    $30.00 Choose Options Mini Bon Appetit
    Our Bon Appetit is so popular we thought we would offer it in a mini size. Crackers Cheese Almonds Chocolates Cookies Pretzels **** Cider or wine...

  • Pretty In Pink
    $32.50 Choose Options Pretty In Pink
    This makes a great gift for the lady in your life. Cookies Mini Notepad Head Scarf Votive Candle Votive Holder Candy Nuts

  • Welcome Home
    $58.50 Choose Options Welcome Home
    This is a great gift for a realtor to say "Thank You" or for you to Welcome someone to their new home. We have filled this wired house with gifts and goodies. Cutting Board with Recipe Cards Kitchen Tools Napkins and...