Children Gift Baskets

Taylor Made For You has a beautiful and fun variety of gift baskets for children. Kids truly love gift baskets too! This Virginia gift shop has nine children's gifts to choose from, including sugar free gift baskets for children with diabetes. Children deserve the best, and we have a number of gift options taylor made for them. Children will experience so much joy and delight from all of the assorted gifts they receive. Children love the variety our gift baskets provide. We design our children's gift baskets with the utmost care and quality. Taylor Made For You believes your children deserve it.

One of our signature children's gifts is our Boys Will Be Boys Gift Basket. Their eyes will light up as they behold all the fun stuff their basket is full of. They won't believe their eyes! This selection has a variety of toys and activities that boys love. It includes a hot wheels car, toy airplane, glow stick, activity book, sports dry eraser board, ball shooter, bubbles, silly string, pez dispenser, blow pop, skittles, and twizzlers. Taylor Made For You has the right gift for boys. They will be entertained for hours, playing and enjoying their gifts at any occasion.

For the precious little girl in your life, we also have our Girls Have More Fun Gift Basket. The boys can't have all the fun! Our children's gifts will please any little girl, for any occasion or event. It will be sure to bring the girly out in her. The Girls Have More Fun Gift Basket has an array of items, including a tea set, jump rope, coloring book, crayons, flash cards, pez dispenser, ball, silly string, bath confetti, plush socks, trendy bands, bubbles, chalk, and more!

For the child that you know go wild over candy and cookies, Taylor Made For You has just the right gift for them. The Candy and Cookie Bouquet is simply flavor-filled and delicious. They have homemade, theme cookies that children will adore, such as football-shaped and baseball-shaped cookies. They also contain the famous classic candies children have come to know and enjoy. The bouquet consists of chocolate chip cookies, decorated sugar cookies, Skittles, M&M's, and more! All of their favorites are nicely wrapped within a children's pale bucket, which your child can happily play with also. Whether it is for a birthday or celebration gift, the Candy and Cookie Bouquet is sure to please any child. You can not go wrong when it's Taylor Made For You!

Our children gift baskets will surely bring the biggest smile to your little one's face. Not finding what you are looking for? Taylor Made For You can also custom-design a children gift basket for you as well. We can custom design a beautiful gift basket to fit your recipient and their treasured occasion. This Virginia gift shop has over 24 years of experience creating custom designed gifts children love. In addition, we have customer care gift consultants that are ready to answer your questions at anytime. We will be more than happy to discuss any of your specific children gift needs.